Saturday, August 27, 2011

organizing...yet again Part 2

ok, yea, i know. it's been awhile. but I finally got enough motivation to post these pictures of my washed, ironed, folded, and color- coded fabric.... now that i'm finally am doing it, i'm realizing that it's not as big of a chore as i'm making it out to be. :)

The flowers were really pretty at this time, so I did an outside photo shoot to see the colors better, and to capture the flowers in bloom. :)

What I figured out after going through all my fabric:
  • too many cool colors (green, blue, purple)
  • too few warm colors (red, orange, yellow)
  • just enough neutral (brown, tan, black, and white)

And this is what resulted from all of this oraganizing:

A great big bowl of thread and unusable scraps. Unless there's something that you can do with them (if there is please tell me) other than throwing them away, that would be nice, but I'm feeling that these poor guys are going into the garbage... :)

xo, Charlotte

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