Saturday, November 9, 2013

Scholarship Contest

Hello everyone! In addition to my sewing and designing, I'm a high school student, which means that I'll be going to college soon..! And that means scholarship applications... So, if you'd like, feel free to read my scholarship essay that I posted here.
It has to do with shoes and podiatry stuff. It was rather fun to write :)

Footwear University Scholarship

So please read, and tell me what you think!

xoxo, Charlotte

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

DIY MacBook Air Laptop Sleeve

Since every student in our school now has a MacBook Air, I figured that I needed to create a sleeve for it to protect it's fragile body. (I'm typing on it now actually to create this post) After looking at multiple blogs and tutorials to try and find the best MacBook/iPad/Electronic Device case, I mixed and matched a few together to get this:
Pretty slick, huh? I had to text a few friends to decide on the fabric choice, but I'm glad I decided on this one. It's pretty nice. :)

Have a nice day!
xo, Charlotte

Sunday, September 15, 2013

A skirt and a dress

A few weeks ago, I created (with the help of a 10 cent pattern from McCall's) a high-waisted (and when i say high-waisted, i mean high-waisted) skirt. Which can be worn with a nice white tank top and a cardigan so it conforms to the school dress code. (Stupid dress code. They didn't have one of those in Germany -.-) Well anyway, I haven't worn it into the social judgement of my peers yet (aka School). But today, I created another work of art which I probably won't wear to school either. But for the reason that it is extremely light-weight and more for summer than for Fall/Winter. Here some pictures:
Though it looks like a dress, it's actually a skirt.
Here's the dress in its dress style.
And here it is, skirt-style.
This little beauty was actually of my own invention. (wow, I know)
And how I came across the idea was by buying some fabric and just wrapping it around myself. Yep, that's how I design.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

two more, up for sale!

I made two more I.D. wallets yesterday, and put them on my Etsy shop. So if you'd like to buy one, please don't think twice! :)

*Oh, and did I mention that the money made from selling these wallets will go towards a wonderful, absolutely amazing cause? Yep. All the money will go towards my trip to Germany next year as an exchange student! A good cause, if you ask me. ;)

xo, charlotte
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