Wednesday, August 17, 2011

a bad mistake turned good

the bad news:
as i'm getting really excited about getting close to finishing my quilt front, i realize that i messed up. The mistake includes ripping out 20 seams and sewing 20 more seams... not my idea of fun.... :)  I was supposed to sew white-black, white-black, etc. but I actually sewed 20 black-white instead... but anyways, let's not dwell on the bad. onto the good.

the good news:
i'm an optimist, sometimes. this was one of those times... it gave me an opportunity to get back to posting on my blog! :) yes, i know, it's sad that i had to make a mistake to get back to posting... oh well. i'll leave you with a few close-up pictures of my animals... getting a picture of our pigs was the hardest, since they scramble around doing donuts whenever somebody goes near them.
Leaper the Cat

Broiler Chickens (there are 25 of these)

Lucy the dog with the long tongue, the overbite, and the fear of water... :)

Lady the pig (not shown are Voldemort-a black pig, and Ralph-a red pig)

xo, Charlotte

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