Saturday, November 12, 2011

Petite Lap Giraffes

I love giraffes. So when I saw these petite lap giraffes, at I was instantly intrigued.

Of course, I am usually so gullible that I'll believe anything, so this time I took caution and  wasn't fooled. The site looks "legit" (like the name of my blog...), with even a live camera that shows the giraffe's house with the giraffe going in and out during the day, and sleeping at night!

I love this picture of the giraffe in the bathtub...

Does this little giraffe look familar? 

Turns out, this giraffe was in the background of a commercial, so a website was made, with info about these "petite lap giraffes". The giraffe-cam was all digitally altered to make it look real, and the pictures all had special effects added. 

Bummer. I wish they were real...

I got on the waiting list though. Only 1,355,543 people ahead of me.... I'll probably be dead before I get a giraffe....if they were real.... :)

xo, Charlotte

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