Sunday, November 13, 2011

Giraffe Headbands

This is a total coincidence. I didn't mean to post about those adorable little petite lap giraffes before posting about my giraffe headbands.

Since my cross country team is so great, I had the idea to make all of them headbands--well, all the girls at least. I didn't want to give them to the boys because:
a. they would lose them
b. they would make fun of them
c. they wouldn't wear them
d. all of the above  <-- definitely this one... :)

Anyways, I went JoAnn's, picked out some nice anti-pill fleece in giraffe and orange prints, and tried to race my way through making 18 headbands before the regionals meet.

Why giraffe? Well, as you know if you read the previous post, i love giraffes. and i think that cheetah prints are overused. (cheetah was my other option).

Why orange? Well, it was also hunting season, so the bright orange helps with that....and it's also one of our team colors... :)

Well, I finished them...yes, it was the night before, but i still finished...and everyone loved them...i hope... :) (oh, and i also embroidered everyone's name on them... had to try out all the nifty features on my new sewing machine!)

xo, Charlotte

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