Saturday, December 24, 2011

A Lovely Combination

Seafood Chowder + Almond Milk = What I did on Christmas Eve Day... :)

Ever heard of almond milk? Well, I'll just say that it's interesting, and then you can make your own conclusions if you think it's a bad interesting or a good interesting.  It was a fun process, though. First you get to blanch the almonds, then wait 8 hours while they sit in water, blend, then squeeze through a cheesecloth. Then you get to try it, and remember that you forgot to add sugar so you have to blend it, and squeeze it again... :)

Also today, there was a little rivalry between two families in a seafood chowder competition, ours and another one (which i won't name because i don't want to ruin their reputation because they lost). I made mine and we had a taste-test which resulted in a tie, so with the tie-breaker.... i won! :)

They were very different chowders though. Their's was had tons of different ingredients and more fishy. Mine had fewer ingredients and was creamier. I personally liked mine better, but I'm kind of biased...

xo, charlotte

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