Friday, December 30, 2011

Another I.D. Wallet

Remember that Cross Country team I mentioned in one of my last posts? Well, even though the season's over, we still have little parties from time to time. :)  This time we had a Secret Santa gift exchange, so I whipped up a little wallet in approximately 2 hours. No biggie. :)

Of course, the only zipper I had left was red, and I had absolutely no red fabric (and I hate the color red). So, I used other-colored fabric that had bits of red in it, so it's sort of matchy, but not super matchy-matchy. ;) Look at that random fun to do... :)

And guess what? This time I added a wrist strap! I guess I'm getting inventive. (:

Well, that was a short post, but short and sweet, right? :)

xo, charlotte

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