Sunday, September 4, 2011

A Fishy Adventure

I've been craving seafood chowder. (No, I'm not pregnant.) :D Actually, I've been craving it ever since I first tried it at our local restaurant, the Pier. Even though I go about once a month, I still crave it, but at $7 a bowl it's kind of expensive. (I could buy a whole yard of fabric for that! Or if I'm in the Red Tag section at JoAnn's, I could get two yards!)

So, while reading one of The Girl Who Ate Everything's blog posts, she had said that she had emailed the owner of a restaurant asking for the recipe, and he gave it to her. It's brilliant! Geez, why didn't I ever think of that?? So, I emailed the owner, and she said that I could come over any time and she'd make a copy!! I was so excited.

I'm pretty sure that the recipe isn't the true recipe that the restaurant uses, because last time I was eating there, the waiter said that only one cook new the real recipe. I guess he adds some special ingredient? Anyways, I set off (with my dad) to go get the recipe and its ingredients.

We decided to go to the closer, yet more expensive grocery store instead of Meijer. We ended up getting the supplies for about $40. The recipe makes about 1 and a half gallons. If I would have been paying attention when I was buying the seafood, I wouldn't have bought the shrimp at $5 a can. I would have gotten the frozen, bagged shimp.... And if we had gone to Meijer, we probably could have saved about $10, but as it is, we figured out that a homemade bowl of chowder cost about $3. Pretty good, right?

It tasted almost the same as the Pier's style, though it was better with a little salt. I'm not sure if I'm legally allowed to post the recipe, but if you really want it, you can email me. Not sure why I wrote that in the smaller font, it only draws people's eyes to it... Oh well. Anyway, happy blogging!

xo, Charlotte

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Anonymous said...

heyy charlotte....just wanted to let you know two things...

1.) i really enjoy the fact that the crafts you have on the top of your page are both things that you made me ;)
2.) i think the beginning part of this (speak of the devil) is pretty darn funny
also...i miss you and we need to talk more!!
and for anyone who is reading this..yes. my favorite color is rainboww(i recived the amazinglyy superly duperly cool colored pencil holder for my birthday)
anyways....i think that's it.
that is a penguin
p.s. i'm obsessed with penguins too:)

mkay by char:)

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