Sunday, September 15, 2013

A skirt and a dress

A few weeks ago, I created (with the help of a 10 cent pattern from McCall's) a high-waisted (and when i say high-waisted, i mean high-waisted) skirt. Which can be worn with a nice white tank top and a cardigan so it conforms to the school dress code. (Stupid dress code. They didn't have one of those in Germany -.-) Well anyway, I haven't worn it into the social judgement of my peers yet (aka School). But today, I created another work of art which I probably won't wear to school either. But for the reason that it is extremely light-weight and more for summer than for Fall/Winter. Here some pictures:
Though it looks like a dress, it's actually a skirt.
Here's the dress in its dress style.
And here it is, skirt-style.
This little beauty was actually of my own invention. (wow, I know)
And how I came across the idea was by buying some fabric and just wrapping it around myself. Yep, that's how I design.

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