Saturday, October 1, 2011

Pay it Forward

So, there's this idea out there that if something good happens to you, you "pay it forward" by making something good happen for somebody else. I was one of the 3 "winners" on Grammie Q's blog. So now, I'm going to pay it forward to three of you blog readers. Here are the rules/requirements:

  • You must have a blog (if you win, you must post about this giveaway on your blog)
  • You must pay it forward if you are one of the people who will receive my gift
  • I have 365 days to send something to you (so don't expect it anytime this month--I'm really busy in October...)
  • You must have some way for me to contact you. (E-mail, blog profile, etc)
  • One comment per person, please
These will be little gifts that I think are cute or meaningful or maybe (if I look at your blog), something that you could really use! I'm really excited about this, so come on commenters! Start commenting! (The first 3 to comment will be the "winners".)

xo, Charlotte

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