Friday, July 29, 2011

My new (sort of) sewing machine!!

So, I found an ad in the newspaper for a sewing machine that was more than 75% off and was only 5 years old, and in great condition. It has tons of gadgets, it's computerized, has a nifty needle-down button, built-in embroidery (just attach a hoop), and has tons of really cool stitches. It even has a start/stop button like a car! :) It came with about 6 or 7 different feet, which is nice.

One of the best things is that's it's quiet (compared to my old mechanical sewing machine), so now I can sew all through the night!!! :)  All this, and I couldn't resist.  Now that I've got the sewing machine, the next question is: What do I sew??? :)

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